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Round table, infinite sphere

Meanwhile at Camelot King Arthur held a feast at Easter: but before the knights of his court would be seated at the long table in the hall, a great strife broke out between them as to where they should sit – for they counted it a greater honour to be near the head of the table than near the foot. ‘We shall amend this at Pentecost,’ said Merlin when he heard of the quarrel. ‘On that day I will set a table here in the hall which shall be the centre of the glory of Logres, a table whose fame shall live while the world endures.’ […] They came at last to the banqueting hall, and there Merlin awaited them, standing before a great round table of wood and stone which filled it almost from side to side. ‘Hail, King and Queen of Logres!’ cried Merlin. ’Your places wait you at the table, and seats also for one hundred and fifty knights – the Knights of the Round Table. Upon every siege – for so …

White Horse 1

The pub with no name

  “I could wring the old thing’s neck that put it there! A public-house! It may be public for birds, Squirrels and suchlike, ghosts of charcoal-burners And highwaymen.” The wild girl laughed. (‘Up in the Wind’ – Edward Thomas)

SC Hill

Hill of ages

Lightly she scoops up the city in her arms. Even the winter sky shares her mood, as it cracks, scatters silver over watermeadows, strikes gold from the Hampshire hog of the Castle weathervane. (‘A Child on St. Catherine’s Hill’ – Jeremy Hooker)

J Salter & Son, Aldershot

A shopfront in Aldershot

Aldershot, whatever some may say, has its charms. The (former) premises of J Salter & Sons stand on the High Street, a curio amid the inferno of fast-food joints, pound shops, cash advance merchants and shabby franchises. This business, with its small workshop above the shop, was once the world’s leading manufacturer of polo equipment.