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Ghost Train Carters Steam Fair

Not so long at the fair

I have seen the crowds fade away
and the ferris-wheel come
to a creaking halt
and the engines gasp
their last weak sputter—
I have seen the lights dimmed
and the stands covered up
and the last explosive car
spurt into darkness.
I have heard the parting shouts
echo into fantastic silence.
I have seen the trampled grass
smothered in the oppression
of loneliness and the crickets
come forth—I have seen the night
reclaim its own.

(‘Carnival’ – Herman Gund)

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London demo trash

Demo trash

Having demonstrated against the ills of the world the protesters adjourned to the pubs and coffee shops. It was too much trouble to take their signs and placards with them, too inconvenient, Read More

Bute Street Cardiff

Tiger Bay requiem

They said it was a slum and all the lies you can imagine. From an insider’s perspective we were targeted, something to be got rid of. Rather than renovate housing in stages as they’d done in neighbouring Grangetown for instance, they wanted us gone and one way to do that was to knock it all down…It was a tragedy.

(Neil Sinclair, historian and child of Tiger Bay)

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shopping trolley in river

Chariots of wire

[The shopping trolley] is a complex sociological phenomenon that has totally changed the commerce and culture of America and the world.

(Gene von Stein, vice-president of Unarco Commercial Products, manufacturers of shopping trolleys, quoted in the Independent 1992.)

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