Month: July 2016

Pub with no name Hampshire

The pub with no name

Originally it was the road that got moved and not the pub that got hidden. The White Horse was a coaching inn and the story goes that the road was straightened in the early nineteenth century, leaving it isolated behind trees and hedges, down a narrow lane.

Moorgate oak tree

The Moorgate tree ceremony

As I recollect the day, it was very early on a Sunday morning in the mid-2000s, sunny and most warm, the City streets empty of traffic and people. I had walked down City Road and was on my way to the river, intending to walk along the Thames to Kingston.

Peter Jackson strange London

Peter Jackson’s strange London

One day at primary school when I was searching the classroom cupboard for something – glue or tracing paper or perhaps even an escape route – I found a book of comic strips on one of the shelves. I opened it on a page which showed a pane titled THE UNSOLVED MYSTERY OF SCOTLAND YARD.

Bromley Tech 1

Bowie’s first stand

You’re a skinny kid from Brixton but Bromley is your home now. Life in Bromley might as well be life on Mars, so far does it seem from the charms and thrills of London. But you’re going to get out, sooner than they think.